Clear Paint-On Solar Infrared Shield

InfraBan is perfectly suited for use in greenhouses.

The sun's energy reaches earth as a combination of visible light that allows us to see color, infrared wavelengths that cause most heating, and ultraviolet rays. The combined energy is referred to as solar energy or spectral light. Visible light is blocked, and in certain instances, reflected by opaque surfaces such as roofs and enclosures, blinds and shades, and similar obstructions. Visible light is thus prevented from entering the structure and contributing to heat gain. As shown in the graph below the largest contribution to a structure's internal heat gain is from infrared rays that easily pass through structural barriers.

Conventional shading systems, tints, screens, shades, etc., diminish the transmission of light while reducing the transmission of solar radiation, thus hindering and helping at the same time. INFRABAN, a highly innovative coating from Liquiguard Technologies, radiates the sunlight's invisible heat generating infrared wavelength back into the atmosphere while allowing the majority of the visible light to pass through. Depending on the individual application conditions it can provide a cooling effect of greater than 50°F. The heat re-flecting nature of INFRABAN allows selective transmission of the incident solar radiation and therefore offers more light and less heat.

Provides A Sun Protective Coating

The light transmission of infraban is at the highest where plants "see". This is important for photosynthesis and healthy plant growth. INFRABAN allows plants to grow especially well since it shades a room without changing the color or taking away too much of the light that is important for plant growth.

It results in cooler rooms with still a lot of photo active radiation. Compared to greenhouses with conventional shading systems, greenhouses with INFRABAN shading provide the same, or greater, temperature reduction but with a much better light quality. INFRABAN exhibits properties similar to sun protective glazing on all transparent substrates including glass, plastic sheeting and plastic films.

INFRABAN is water based coating that is free of fumes, odors and toxic materials. It is easily applied via brush, roller or airless sprayers and provides rapid drying times. In addition to heat abatement the polymer matrix of INFRABAN also augments the structural strength of the material it is coated on and increases its useful life. Prior to application it is important to ensure that the surface to be coated is free of oil, grease and other debris. Apply the coating in a shaded area or during cool periods ensuring that the surface temperature of the object to be coated is above 70°F and below 80°F.

Each gallon of INFRABAN will cover approximately 500 square feet depending on the porosity and texture of the surface being coated. A minimum of two coat application is recommended for best performance. Clean-up of tools and equipment can be accomplished with fresh clean water. Store leftover INFRABAN in airtight containers and away from heat. Exercise all normal precautions used with paint type products.